The New Security Mastery Academy: launching on 13th May 2024

The future of the Johannesburg CBD (central business district) has never looked this bright.

At the Maharishi Invincibility Institute, we sincerely strive for innovation that is game-changing while creating positive impact that extends beyond the confines of the classroom, and ultimately positively benefits the lives of millions of people.

The Maharishi Invincibility Institute in partnership with Cap Security is thrilled to launch a true beacon of hope to bring safety and security for all in Jozi: The Security Mastery Academy.

At the heart of this academy there lies a commitment to Mastery. Mastery both for the security industry, as well as to achieve peak personal Mastery.

The Security Mastery Academy is committed to produce the future industry leaders for the security sector in South Africa.

These will be consummate security professionals, trained over a 3-year period through rigorous and disciplined focus on excellence, and becoming the absolute best there is.

With CAP, a leading security company as our equal partner, and the lead employer from this academy, we will target a 100% employment rate of our Graduates from the Security Mastery Academy.

All of the students in the Academy will receive a series of Qualifications and Certifications.

These will begin with a qualification in End- User computing, and PSIRA (the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) certificates in security studies as well as practical and on the job training as security officers, supervisors, and commanders.

Our state-of-the-art facilities being set up will provide a dynamic learning environment, equipped with technology, access to a world-class gym, sports facilities and martial arts training.

The course will be structured over the 3-years as: Year 1: Security Officer, Year 2: Supervisor and Year 3: Commander level training, with a variety of critical specialisation options.

During the course the students will integrate the skills that they are learning with practical security shifts on the streets of Johannesburg.

Ensuring that they will gain invaluable real-world experience while actively contributing to the safety of the city.

In line with ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ ,The Security Mastery Academy places a significant emphasis on personal development.

Our holistic, consciousness-based approach to education includes the cultivation of essential traits such as integrity, empathy, and critical thinking.

We believe that true mastery begins from within, rooted in self-awareness, discipline, and resilience. Through specialised and unique training programs including the TM (Transcendental Meditation) and its advanced programmes, highly researched and scientific stress management techniques, students will day by day be empowered to unlock their full potential.

By nurturing these inner human qualities, we will equip our graduates to become leaders in the industry while also making meaningful contributions to society at large.

Our ultimate vision is to empower individuals to build a safer, stronger city where opportunity abounds for all. Where passion, purpose, and practicality converge to create meaningful change in Johannesburg and beyond.

If you interested to join the Academy:

We invite all aspiring security professionals and individuals seeking personal growth and empowerment to apply to the Security Mastery Academy. Whether you are driven by a passion for protecting others, a desire to challenge yourself, or a commitment to making a difference, we welcome you.

Together, let us stand as beacons of hope, lighting the path toward a brighter future for all.

More information about the Security Mastery Academy:

The MII-CAP Security Mastery Academy is a fundamental step towards restoring and renewing Johannesburg CBD to a safe and beautiful space for all. This is crucial to support MII’s vision to establish an Education City within the Johannesburg CBD – a vision fast becoming a reality with the holdings of 3 large, magnificent high-rise buildings in the CBD. A prerequisite for learning is feeling safe and secure. MII currently has over 2,000 students and staff commuting daily to the CBD. With the game-changing Anglo American donation of #45 Main Street, this number will be increasing annually. MII is partnering with CAP Security, Anglo American, Standard Bank, and JoziMyJozi to build the leading Security Academy in South Africa, protecting all our staff, students, and the streets of our precincts and beyond in the Joburg CBD.

Vision and Objectives for the Security Mastery Academy (MSA):

  • Produce A new generation of security guards, supervisors, and managers: Best trained, and most in-demand security personnel in South Africa – Highly ethical, highly trained, highly skilled, highly competent and highly protective.
  • Job Placement: On graduation after 3 years, our target is a 100% job placement rate, with companies across the country, or for graduates to establish their own security businesses. These individuals will earn premium salaries on the back of their qualifications, expertise, and experience.
  • A ‘Peaceforce’: Trained within a unique, consciousness-based framework these candidates will be a distinctive calibre of individuals with an internal locus of control, immense self-discipline, superior levels of maturity, self-assurance and self-confidence. Being stationed on the streets of Johannesburg, they will bring safety, positivity, calm and peace to the streets. Collectively they will be an unparalleled special force.
  • 4IR Security Officers: The most advanced students, depending on their electives chosen, will be trained in Cybersecurity, intelligence gathering using AI and intelligent search technologies, drone and other identification technologies to ensure safety on the streets. In addition an intense base of IT skills, starting with digital literacy, and developing beyond.
  • Safeguarding all staff students: To safeguard all learners and students (some as young as 2 years), 70% of whom are women, all of whom come to the CBD daily to get an education to change their lives.
  • Keeping our city and country safe, clean and happy. The intention is for this Academy to create a microcosm of the macrocosm of South Africa we all long to see: safe, clean, well lit, offering access to the hard work that leads to prosperity and opportunity for all.