Become a recognised Skills Development Facilitator that enables you to facilitate CBE and foundation phase courses.

You will learn how to conduct assessments and moderation while becoming a fully-fledged and accredited Outcome Based Education teacher or work in client service and programme management.


MII supports learners in the Facilitator Academy to obtain access to the below courses. These courses are not specifically offered by MII, but MII provides the funding and support so that registered MII students in the Facilitator Academy can have access to and may complete the different programmes.

In addition to supporting learners to access accredited qualifications under the Facilitator Academy, MII offers training on CBE teaching methodology as well as internal informal training on classroom techniques for various situations.

Access to the following courses develop skills in facilitating Seta related and QCTO courses:

  • US 117871 – Train the Trainer
  • US 115753 – Conduct Assessments
  • US 115759 – Conduct Moderation
  • US 15227 – Skills Development Administration
  • US 117865 and US 263976 – Assist and Support Learners
  • US 114947 and US 263976 – Outcome Based Education and Training


Linked to a specific industry, a registered Skills Development Facilitator enjoys a career as a Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Client Services Manager, Quality Assuror or Programme Implementation Manager. A facilitator who has also attended courses on CBE methodology will enjoy a career facilitating foundation bridging courses and MII specific programmes for any Maharishi Invincibility Institute campus across South Africa and Africa.