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About Maharishi Invincibility Institute


Maharishi Institute (MII) is a non-profit private college and self-development organization, which provides bursary loans and self-development programs for bright, deserving youth to further their studies and assists them to find employment opportunities when they graduate. We provide financial and other access to accredited qualifications through Services SETA and ICT SETA; as well as access to an accredited international Business Degree via distance education.


Core Ideology: MII focuses on Consciousness-Based Education including Transcendental Meditation to develop the full potential of every student – this means greater ability to concentrate and focus and achieve greater academic success and enhanced performance. Many of the world’s greatest leaders practice this approach.


Work experience: We run a “Learn and Earn” programme which sets MII apart. This program provides real work experience for students while studying, earn some basic extra money to pay for food and transport, and build a CV.


BA Degree in Business Administration via Distance Education: On successful completion of a bridging programme, and relevant SETA qualifications, youth can enrol in an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management through distance education by the Maharishi International University in USA.

Benefits of joining MII


• All Textbooks and Study Materials included.

• Healthy cooked Lunch provided daily.

• Build in-demand skills in business and entrepreneurship, financial markets and investments, insurance, banking, IT.

• Education that is career and job focused and gain hands-on work experience, work to pay off your education, and build a CV.

• Full preparation for industry designation exams and certifications through state of the art Academies.

• Fully equipped campus in Johannesburg CBD, near trains, Rea Vaya, taxis.

• Bursary Loans for All Eligible Students, means on acceptance you only pay R200 per month while in school.

• Bursary Loans: you pay it forward only on your success. If you don’t succeed in terms of real income you don’t pay anything back.

• All students start their own business.

• Access to USA business degree via distance education, normal cost of $112,000 (over R1.5 million), provided by Maharishi International University, Iowa.

• Education for everybody who wants it and will work for it.

• Campuses in several locations – Johannesburg, Durban, Mpumalanga (not open for direct entry).

Maharishi Invincibility Institute Head Office campus in Johannesburg CBD

Accredited Private College and Professional Academies

Maharishi Invincibility Institute and its predecessor organizations have educated and placed 19,073 individuals, who earn conservatively R1.425bn per annum combined earnings today and estimated career earnings of R41.85bn.

Is Maharishi right for you?

  • Do you have high values?

  • Do you have a matric pass?

  • Do you want to be a leader?

  • Are you willing to invest 10 hours a day for your future?

Maharishi Invincibility Institute is accredited to offer national SETA qualifications at levels 3, 4, 5, 6, through Services SETA.
Maharishi Invincibility Institute does not offer or provide its own Degree programs and is neither accredited nor registered to do so. 


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9 Ntemi Piliso Street, Johannesburg

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