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About the Institute

The Maharishi Invincibility Institute was established in June 2007 in Johannesburg to make tertiary education accessible to all through providing funding for education programmes, to showcase South Africa as a leading innovator in education provision, and support the worldwide breakthrough in Consciousness-Based Education.

The Institute is an 'educational hub' that offers access to students to study for high quality accredited business qualifications which are provided by distance education through its partners which are registered in South Africa or the USA. The Maharishi Institute does not offer its own educational qualifications but provides all the support services students need (which are listed below).

The Institute is registered as a non-profit trust and is a Public Benefit Organisation.

Bachelor’s Degree in Management
Access is provided through distance education to an international Bachelor’s Degree in Management through Maharishi University of Management based in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. This university is recognised by SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority. The duration of the qualification is 4 years full time.

Higher Certificate in Business Management

Students also access a Higher Certificate in Business Management from Regenesys Business School, a registered higher education institution based in Johannesburg.

Learning becomes successful through:

  • Self-development programmes which develop students holistically, improve learning ability, improve behaviour and lead to greater skill in action. These are the scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis programmes:
  • Financial support in the way of bursary loans
  • Computer and Internet access
  • Library and canteen

Experiential learning for your career
While studying for the qualifications students simultaneously have the benefit of experiential learning programmes to build valuable work experience:

  • skills development – learning essential skills for the workplace
  • career path - training and guidance
  • a supportive professional learning environment.

Every student can make it to a life of success and achievement. The approach creates stepping stones to education and economic success.

Maharishi Institute supports students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. It offers a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment in which every student naturally rises to develop their full innate potential.

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