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The Maharishi Institute was created in 2007 to make tertiary education accessible to all through providing funding for education programs, to showcase South Africa as a leading innovator in education provision, and support the worldwide breakthrough of Consciousness-Based Education.

The Maharishi Institute facilitates the financial, technological, and infrastructural assistance for students who wish to enrol with our accredited partner providers.

The Maharishi Institute does not offer its own educational qualifications and is not a private higher educational institution. Please read more about Maharishi Institute's approach to supporting external academic programmes from partner providers here. Maharishi Institute runs experiential learning programmes to give young people work experience.

Maharishi Institute supports students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. We offer a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment in which every student naturally rises to develop their full innate potential. 

The majority of youth graduating from South Africa’s high schools are in great need of the experiential skills to make them highly employable, and the entrepreneurial background to build successful businesses, and need the financial support and the academic learning skills to enter and succeed in post-secondary school studies. The Maharishi Institute provides the financing, education access, skills development path, personal development tools, and a supportive environment so that these students can make it step by step to a life of success and achievement. This is why we call our approach Stepping Stones to educational and economic freedom.

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