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Nature Reserve

Sustainable Living

Get to spend fun, life-changing, inspirational time with your friends at Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, learning about South Africa’s beautiful natural heritage, about conservation, about leadership, and about you! 

Maharishi Institute is grateful for all time to Mr and Mrs Nicky and Strilli Oppenheimer who donated this truly magnificent 4 500 hectare Nature Reserve in Bronkhorstspruit, only one and a half hours from Johannesburg city centre. Every year on 18 September we celebrate Oppenheimer day to honour the Oppenheimer family for the gift they’ve given Maharishi Institute for all generations to come.

Nature at your fingertips

This beautiful game reserve is teeming with 1 000 animals, including zebras, giraffe, wildebeest, impala, springbok, and many, many more. There are over 280 bird species in the reserve. In addition, there is a new species of dung beetle not found anywhere else in the world. The reserve is very safe, and you are able to walk freely in nature amongst the incredible diversity of life, and have the greatest leadership experiences of their lives.

Every student enrolled in any academic programmes through our distance education or local education partners will have the incredible experience of having leadership experiences in nature as part of their integrated development, forging friendships and inner growth opportunities that will transform their character, to be more in tune with nature, alive, happy, brave, and full as a human being.

This is education in Africa : Ezemvelo means ‘Return to Nature’