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Poetry Jam

TEE/ Naledi:  A new blossom

Pains and sorrow followed me like a dog
Ditches in my body and my mind scorched by the heat
Dinaledi le dipalesa
Ikanyezi ne zimbali
One place I feel welcome

I’ve never being raped physically but emotionally I’m touched
Even ejaculated some evil memories struggling to win over my soul
Deep I go deep I have to go deep
Inside my Self, the pain is less

A flower is beautiful within
That’s control
Without beauty within, is without beauty
Its a phonemenon
Ke amohetswe ka lerato,dipalesa le dinaledi die me jwale ka manyelohi a Modimo
Tse bohloko ha difele empa pele ke mo keying
Ke utlwile bohloko ha holo hamper
Ke tsibele hore letsatsi le tla fihla mo ke tla ja bophelo ba ka bo akaraditsweng ke titrimalo le lerato ho fihlele ke beleha lelomo.

A shine is coming up within me
I’m brighter today

I produced a new blossoming flower, Palesa kganyang, Imbali ekhanyago.

Sarah Matumbura: Now that I am free

Now that I am free, where is the past
Where is hate, I nurtured you daily
Pain, friend, my inner drive
Anger, my spear
Negativity you were my bed
Where is my dirty mind?

Am I in the future
Now what?

Will my past still haunt me?

No! I have come too far

I have to run, run, run to stop hunger,
I have to run to stop violence and hate
I have to run to change the world
I have to make things work now
I have to change the world

The light is lit in the dark night
It's time. “I am free”

The world can see I am free
What does the world feel about freedom?

This time around. I broke free

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