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A 21'st century sustainable development model in conjunction with our partners is used to ensure individual development across three critical dimensions of sustainability which mirror the 'triple-bottom' line approach of enlightened business today. These are the factors of: Profitability; People; and the Planet, or Economic sustainability; Personal sustainability; and Environmental sustainability. In this way individuals will naturally grow in their thinking and experience to become holistic business leaders that factor in all key dimensions into their decision-making, always considering all stakeholders: employees; markets; customers; community; and the environment.

Maharishi Institute offers a support centre for accredited higher education partners (local and international). The Institute provides you with work experience, career development, and a financing opportunity to enroll in some of the finest higher education in the world.

Personal Sustainability:
o intensive skills development offered as short courses 
o a strong remediation component in mathematics, English, and computer skills offered to assist students before they attempt to enroll in degree programmes with distance education partners
o Transcendental Meditation which is a core process for stress reduction, holistic brain development, inner healing and personal growth

Economic Sustainability:
o allowing students to 'learn and earn' developing workplace skills while still studying, and providing basic financial support
o a professional data capture facility and call centre available for experiential learning

Environmental Sustainability:
o our partners are chosen for their focus on environmental management issues instilling critically needed understanding of the importance of the environment for everyone’s progress
o understanding climate change and what to do about it
o every individual learns to become more in tune with nature and the environment and knows the importance of doing business in a way that is life supporting

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