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Maharishi Institute collects fees to be transmitted to its' partner educational institutions that provide the distance education programmes and qualifications.  In addition the Institute charges a fee for the food, materials, technology access, books, notes and materials, internet usage, trips to Ezemvelo, and costs for other support services it provides. Students pay a very affordable monthly loan repayment . Fees through accredited educational partners begin at R14 000 per year and increase by year of study.

The majority of students are on financial aid support programmes, where up to 100% of tuition fees can be covered by non-collateral based student loans.  Through the experiential learning Stepping Stones programme, financial-aid students will be able to repay these loans over time while they are studying, with any remainder to be paid interest-free after they complete their studies.

Because of the relationships and agreements that Maharishi Institute has with its educational partners, students pay an absolute fraction of what they would pay studying through these institutions normally. For example, Regenesys Business School provides greatly discounted fees, and the Maharishi University of Management fees per annum are reduced to less than 10% of their normal level. Normally students would pay $24 000, nearly R150 000 per year, on campus in the USA. For the 4-year Bachelors Degree in Management on campus students would pay $96,000, and including the MBA students would pay $144,000, over R1million. This makes study via distance education far more affordable while still providing the same ultimate degree qualification.

In this manner every student is given the opportunity to access a world-class education. This programme is enriched through doing live work for real companies and is therefore of crucial value in preparing individuals for the workplace, helping ensure that they are able to find employment or start their own business.

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