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The Maharishi Institute supports student learning through Consciousness-Based Education (CBE), founded by Maharishi, a world-renowned system of education centred around whole student learning. Simply put, Consciousness-Based Education has its main focus on the student, rather than just the books or information. Knowledge in books is vital to the educational process, but unless the student is able to think clearly this knowledge is virtually irrelevant. CBE is about connecting whatever a student is learning, with how it relates to them as a person, and why it's useful in the world. With this approach students are able to learn at high speed and retain greater quantities of information compared to that of traditional educational systems. 

One of the key methodologies used in CBE is the Transcendental Meditation technique to improve the cognitive functioning of the brain and increase creativity and intelligence. TM centres are operating in over 63 countries world-wide with people from every culture, religion, background, and all walks of life. In South Africa alone, over 30,000 learners have used this methodology to help pass school, as well as 5,000 higher-education students. In one study in South Africa for example with 9,000 students, pass-rates at school increased on average 25% over a 3-year period on over 100,000 school marks, compared to a control-group of 12,000 students whose pass-rates fell 1% points.

Academic Results

The academic results from CBE-schools around the world are nothing short of phenomenal. For example, in the Maharishi School in Iowa, USA, where they have no entrance-requirements to the school, over the last 20-years, students have routinely gone from the 50'th percentile of all Americans on nationwide standardized tests, to the top one-percentile of all Americans on standardized tests 5-years later. How is that possible? Extensive research has been done into the incredible performance of this school and have verified the benefits of Consciousness-Based Education.

How is it possible that a tiny school with less than 400 students, has in the last ten-years won a global creative problem-solving competition four times against 400,000 students from countries around the world and had more top-10 finishes than any other school in the world? Or that, the same school over the last 10-years has won more than 100 state and national championships in science, speech, drama, poetry, writing, art, photography, mathematics, chess, and golf? Its for these reasons, that educators around the world are starting to sit-up and take notice, and when similar results are achieved in both private and public schools, in both the most affluent and the most impoverished, and in all countries around the world where its been implemented. Educationalists are interested that there is such a method for developing full brain potential and resultant academic outcomes that is completely scalable and independent of pure reliance on high-quality teachers which are always in short supply world-wide.

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