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The South African Institute of Management (S.A.I.M.) is a partner of the Maharishi Institute

The purpose of the South African Institute of Management  is to develop competent managers through self-discovery, self-management, accountability to others, respect for Human Rights, good corporate governance and responsibility to those less fortunate.

To achieve this end SAIM offers SAQA-accredited courses (South African Qualifications Authority) for:

  • Certificate (NQF5)
  • Diploma (NQF5 ID67689) and
  • Advanced Diploma (Post Graduate Diploma NQF6 ID67690)

In the following keys areas:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Credit Management
  • Marketing Management
  • IT Management
  • Management Research

The SAIM was conceived primarily as an Examining Body responsible for defining the format, content and standards of SAIM manager-development programmes—the conduct of National Examinations—the award of Certificates and Diplomas to students who have successfully passed the SAIM examinations.
Tuition is delivered through approved educational providers in both the public and private sector. Students should be able to prepare for the SAIM examinations in accordance with their preferred mode of learning and circumstances, i.e. self study, correspondence or face-to-face tuition.

The reputation of the SAIM is internationally recognised and SAIM is linked with the Institutes of Management in the United Kingdom, Australia and Zimbabwe. SAIM is also a founding member of A.M.O.A. which represents 16 Southern African countries.
The syllabi for the different subjects are updated annually to ensure that the content of the courses remains relevant to the world, and South Africa in particular, today.
Many employers recognise the SAIM courses as an important factor when appointing and promoting personnel. Many provide financial assistance to their employees to attend courses.
S.A.I.M. works through a number of approved tuition providers who conduct courses and charge their own fees. The syllabi, examinations setting and marking and quality control are a function of the S.A.I.M.

Competent Management

The transformation of Workers, Supervisors, and Accidental Managers into Professional Managers.

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