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Maharishi University of Management, USA, [MUM] offers students around the world the opportunity to earn an American BA degree in Management via distance education. MUM's goal is to raise the creativity of business management to keep pace with the most advanced economic nations of our world family.  MUM has a 40-year track record, offering several degrees up to PhD on campus in the USA, as well as certain programmes via distance education around the world.


South African students who wish to study with MUM, will enroll directly for the Bachelor's Degree with Maharishi University of Management, USA, and become students of MUM.  The business degree programme offered via distance education consists of four years of full-time course work.

Maharishi University of Management, USA takes responsibility for the provision and delivery of curricula from the USA directly. Students are taught live (synchronously) by professors based in Fairfield, Iowa, in the USA.  MUM conducts assessments of students directly from the USA, and Maharishi University of Management awards their USA-based qualification.

Maharishi University of Management is based in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, and does not have a physical presence in South Africa. Maharishi University of Management is accredited and registered in the United States.

The Bachelors degree from Maharishi University of Management is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in the USA as well as accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education in the USA.  

As Maharishi University of Management has no presence in South Africa, its degrees are not registered on the South African National Qualifications Framework and are not accredited by the South African Council on Higher Education.

However, in South Africa, SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority, recognizes Maharishi University of Management as an accredited institution in the United States of America, and will consider its degrees for equivalency purposes.

This unique business-degree curriculum develops both practical expertise in management while at the same time developing the inner creative genius of every student. This will give you the advantage you need to be successful in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world.

Maharishi University of Management Programme Benefits

  • Earn a recognized American business degree while in South Africa via distance education
  • Unique curriculum includes the systematic development of consciousness
  • Develop the full potential of your brain physiology for more effective managing ability — advanced mental functioning, increased creativity and intelligence, improved memory
  • Throughout your degree studies you are the responsibility of Maharishi University of Management, USA
  • Intensive study programme through distance education using state of the art software and online resources - this includes '24/7' access to MUM e-University site including class materials, chat line, questions and answers, and assignments
  • Video-conference presentations by top international faculty and business leaders from the United States
  • Management courses offer practical application for business success
  • Aspects of the degree include ecological entrepreneurship — knowledge to lead the way with business insights for creating a better world incorporating sustainable business practices
  • The option to study for a semester on Maharishi University of Management's campus in the USA (cost available on request)

Maharishi Institute provides students who meet the required criteria with financial bursaries to pay tuition, as well as the building infrastructure for accessing distance education, access to a library, computers, the internet, meals, and other general support including video-conferencing facilities, a small gym and games-room. 

Note: Maharishi Institute does not itself offer higher education qualifications and is not an education institution. Hence, Maharishi Institute is not registered in South Africa as a private higher education institution. Maharishi Institute does not offer “international degrees” on behalf of Maharishi University of Management.

What it does do is to provide much needed support for students to enroll in accredited partner-institution programmes.

MUM Degree Subjects include:

Phase 1:

  • Principles of Leadership and Culture
  • WTG 191 College Composition 1 
  • MGT 200 Principles of Business Success
  • Personal Finance: Personal Money Management
  • Practicum in Management: Workplace Readiness
  • Computer-User Skills
  • STC 108 Science and Technology of Consciousness
  • SL201: Understanding Ecology, Economy and Community (Science Distribution)
  • PH101 Physiology Is Consciousness
  • eMarketing

Phase 2:

  • MATH 152 Elementary Algebra (prerequisite: Maths Foundation courses)
  • MGT 220 Principles of Economics
  • MGT 382 Management and Organization
  • WTG 192 College Composition 2 (prerequisite English foundation courses)
  • MGT 429 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 201 Business Communication
  • MATH 153 Intermediate Algebra (prerequisite MATH 152)
  • Four blocks of Electives (8 units)

Phase 3:

  • MATH 153 Intermediate Algebra (prerequisite MATH 152)
  • MGT 220 Principles of Economics
  • MGT 402 Managing for Sustainability
  • MGT 314 Statistics
  • MGT 404 Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 425 Marketing Management
  • MGT 430 Financial Management
  • MGT 432 Entrepreneurship Project
  • 3 blocks of Electives (6 units)
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